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A City-Wide Approch to Carbon Finance

Carbon Partnership Facility Innovation Series

27 avril 2023

The approach presented in this document refers extensively to CDM methodologies and is limited in terms of the sector-specific non-CDM methodologies available to estimate emission reductions.
This approach is highly flexible and can be expanded to include innovative interventions and new methods to calculate emission reductions across the five sectors.
This approach can also be applied to any one sector, such as transport, for specific interventions, such as fuel switching in vehicle fleets or as an integrated transit-oriented approach. It is important to note that the citywide approach is a generic program design.

The approach can be used to access funds from various sources :
(i) carbon markets governed by CDM and JI ;
(ii) voluntary markets, including the promotion of carbon-neutrality for conferences, sporting and other public events ;
(iii) unique city-wide emissions trading programs ; and
(iv) national and international climate mitigation funds.

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