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A National Urban Policy for Liberia

A National Urban Policy for Liberia | Discussion Paper
First published in Nairobi in 2017 by UN-Habitat, Cities Alliance and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Government of Liberia
HS Number : HS/058/17E
Authors : Runze Wang, Remy Sietchiping

28 septembre 2017

This paper emphasises that crafting a NUP for Liberia must directly involve all actors responsible for urban affairs – central government, local authorities, ministries and agencies, civil society, private sector and academic institutions. This participatory spirit resonates with the proposals by major global agendas such as the African Agenda 2063 Framework which advocates, as one of its seven aspirations, development that is people driven and relies on their potential.
Consultations have been, and will continue to be, organised to ensure wide stakeholder participation to safeguard an open, collaborative, peaceful policy-making process.
The Paper calls on all stakeholders to collaborate closely and effectively with the Government of Liberia to develop and implement this NUP.

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