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Africa’s Cities Opening Doors to the World

Somik Vinay Lall
J. Vernon Henderson
Anthony J. Venables
World Bank & UKaid
ISBN (paper) : 978-1-4648-1044-2
ISBN (electronic) : 978-1-4648-1045-9
DOI : 10.1596/978-1-4648-1044-2

2 février 2018

The report draws on a set of over twenty-five research papers produced as part of a research program on Urbanization and Spatial Development in Developing Countries, conducted by the World Bank, Oxford University and the London School of Economics.
This volume is part of the African Regional Studies Program, an initiative of the Africa Region Vice-Presidency at the World Bank. This series of studies aims to combine high levels of analytical rigor and policy relevance, and to apply them to various topics important for the social and economic development of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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