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Africa’s governance futures for the Africa we want

African Union
African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM)
African GovernanceAchitecture (AGA)

7 juin 2022

The Africa Governance Report (AGR) is a publication of the African Union (AU) on the state of governance in Africa. It is produced by the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) Secretariat in collaboration with members of the African Governance Platform (AGP) of the African Governance Architecture (AGA), with participation and inputs from a broad stakeholder base.
Promoting good governance in AU Member States is a core component of the AU Assembly mandate. The AU Assembly recognises governance as an essential component in the efforts to achieve continental development goals. Indeed, in 2017 the AU Assembly affirmed and broadened the role of the APRM to oversee monitoring and evaluation in all key governance areas of the continent. The mandate of the APRM was expanded to include tracking implementation of the AU Agenda 2063 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs or 2030 Agenda). Again, in 2018, the AU Assembly re-positioned the APRM as an early warning tool in the collective effort to prevent conflict. During the 11th Extraordinary
Summit of the AU Assembly that same year, a decision was taken to strengthen the capacity of the APRM and to enhance its functional autonomy to enable it to deliver on its expanded mandate. The AU Assembly requested the APRM, in collaboration with the AGA, to regularly develop and present to Member States a report on the state of governance in Africa.
The primary purpose of the AGR is to provide relevant, accurate and informative assessments and reports on select and key governance areas in all 55 Member States of the AU. Based on expert research and analyses, the AGR presents evidence-based, objective, and balanced reviews on the state of African governance, towards attaining long-term political, social and economic stability and
developmenton the Continent. The Report examines themes related to governance in Africa, and :
• Highlights best governance practices for peer sharing ;
• Identifies governance constraints and challenges ; and,
• Makes recommendations for enhanced governance in AU Member States.
Guided by the AU Agenda 2063, which is the strategic development and transformation framework for the continent, the 2021 Africa Governance Report presents four possible scenarios for African Governance Futures 2063. These scenarios are intended as a policy making and implementation guide for African governance. They highlight critical areas for action to achieve preferred futures.

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