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Association of Local Government of Lesotho (ALGL)

Association of Local Government of Lesotho (ALGL)
Maseru City Council.
PO Box 911. 100 Maseru - Lesotho
Tel : +266 2231 5920
Fax : +266 2231 0418
Email : lpaballo (@)

12 mai 2021

Registration of the Lesotho Association of Local Authorities (LALA) was completed on the 28th April, 2015, under the Societies Act No. 20 of 1966. It is registered as a non-profit body recognized in the National Decentralisation Policy and the Local Government Act 1997 as amended.

Membership is open upon application to all categories of local authorities in Lesotho concerned with the management of local affairs. Members have a right to participate in the various activities and programmes of the Association and have access to such information, data and documentation about local government matters as the Association can provide.

LALA’s Governance and Management Structures have the National Congress – Apex structure of the Association ; The General Council – second highest decision-making structure after the Congress ; The National Executive Committee – exercises the ultimate authority of the Association in between the National Congress and General Council meetings ; The Working Committees ; The District Governance and Management Structure ; and the Secretariat

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