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Association of the Districts of Victoria (ADV)

Association of the Districts of Victoria (ADV)
House Victoria, Mahe, P.O Box 1113, Oceangate.
Tel : +248 4225 970
Fax : +248 4324 851
Email : lydcharlie (@)

12 mai 2021

The Association of Districts of Victoria was established in 1994, as registered under the Registration of Associations Act 1959.
The Chairperson was granted the status of Mayor in 1997. Since 2003, the general practise was that the Minister responsible for local government appoints the Mayor, with the Cabinets approval for a period of five years. It must be noted that previously, on behalf of its districts and forming part of the association, the MNAs of Victoria elected the chairperson).

The association is financed by central government and it also supports the local authorities in all of their activities. The Mayor of Victoria represents the capital of Seychelles both nationally and internationally, but the role is only honorary and ceremonious. Only legislators and representatives of the districts of Victoria are admitted to the association. The executive committee consists of the Mayor, a secretary and a treasurer. The latter two are elected for one year at the association’s annual General Assembly. The Mayor both chairs the association and is its Executive head and spokesperson. A 12-member consultative body, whose members represent the various segments of the capital’s society, is appointed by the Mayor for five years to help him/her execute projects in Victoria.

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