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Bomi County

Bomi means “light” in the Gola language, symbolizing the County’s uniqueness as the first cradle for iron ore mining in Liberia.
Bomi County, formerly known as Bomi Territory, was annexed from Montserrado County by decree during the military regime of Samuel Doe in 1983 and later recognized by an act of legislation.
The flag of Bomi shows a rich, fertile land crisscrossed with rolling hills, with trees in the background. The hills represent the rich iron ore, while the trees depict the fertility of the soil.

20 février 2023

Bomi has four Administrative Districts (Klay, Dewien, Suehn Mecca and Senjeh), comprising five Chiefdoms and 18 Clans.
Before the national crisis, iron ore mining flourished in Bomi County, starting in the 1950s. Bomi County is well-situated to recover strongly from the war, being endowed with ample natural resources such as rubber, timber, diamonds, iron ore, gold, water, stone and sand, and fertile agricultural land. Rubber has also long been an important export from Bomi, and the second largest rubber plantation in Liberia, the Guthrie plantation, is situated here. There are many valuable commercial timber species found in the County. However, currently there exists no large-scale logging activity.
Timber processing and pit sawing are carried out only at a small scale.
Bomi County is a fertile land with rolling hills. Approximately, 45% of the land is covered by grassland.

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