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Bong County

Until 1964, present day Bong County was a part of Liberia known as the Central Province.
The flag of Bong County is orange and purple with a hammer in the background as a reference to the traditional importance of mining to the local economy.
The civil conflict was particularly cruel to Bong County, parts of which were contested by multiple militias over fourteen years, resulting in massive losses of life and egregious human rights abuses, especially perpetrated against women and girls. Bong County served for a time as the capital of would-be president Charles Taylor’s “Greater Liberia”, and the area provided perhaps a majority of the children and young women that were forced to join the various fighting forces. Most of the County’s public infrastructure and private property was looted or destroyed. While the situation has improved since the election of the current Government and the arrival of international peacekeepers, multilateral agencies and NGOs, there is still a dangerously high unemployment rate and a need for urgent improvements in health, education, and all sectors of the economy.

20 février 2023

Ethnic groups found in Bong County include all of Liberia’s 16 tribes. The Kpelle people represent the largest tribal block in the County, and members of many tribes speak the Kpelle language as a result.
Although both Islam and Christianity are practiced, with Christian constituting the majority, for the most part the two groups of practitioners live amicably together.
Bong County is part of the high forest belt, which can be divided into an evergreen rain forest zone and the moist semi deciduous forest zone. The evergreen forest receives an annual rainfall of 80 inches and consists of species that do not have a marked period of leaf fall. The tallest trees reach 200 feet. The County is said to be well watered by six principal rivers and a number of small streams.
The soils of Bong County are mostly latosols, which occurs on undulating and rolling land and occupies about 18% of the total land area in Liberia. This soil is heavily leached and silica nutrients and humus are readily washed out.
Over the years, many investments and development initiatives of national importance have been undertaken in Bong County, including :

  • Bong Mining Company (BMC)
  • Bong County Agriculture Development Project (BCADP)
  • Central Agriculture Research Institute (CARI)
  • Phebe Hospital and School of Nursing
  • Rubber Corporation of Liberia (RCI)
  • Liberia Telecommunication Corporation (LTC)
  • Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC)
  • Cuttington University College (CUC)

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