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Conserving the past as a foundation for the future

China–World Bank Partnership
on Cultural Heritage Conservation
Katrinka Ebbe
Guido Licciardi
Axel Baeumler
September 2011

5 juin 2019

The rich cultural heritage of China is an essential touchstone of its collective identity. The country’s archaeological sites, historic architecture, expressive arts, cultural landscapes, and ethnic diversity also are treasured around the world. Despite their importance, China’s cultural assets are under tremendous pressure due to the country’s rapid development, particularly its rapid urbanization. Moreover, rising incomes and mobility have significantly increased domestic tourism, leading to the overdevelopment and deterioration of cultural heritage sites. However, many of China’s government officials, conservationists, and community groups have recognized these threats and, over the past several decades, have worked tirelessly to protect their country’s cultural heritage.

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