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Decentralized cooperation to democratize cities

Project to improve the institutional capacities of local authorities in Brazil and Mozambique as actors of decentralized cooperation
UCLG World Secretariat
source : local2030

3 février 2020

In a scenario marked by a reconfiguring of international relations, Brazil focused on forming coalitions, searching for new markets and strengthening its political and economic relations with the development and consolidation of new strategic partnerships.
Also with cooperation in mind, Brazil turned its sights to forming a comprehensive agenda of technical, scientific and technological cooperation with 37 African countries. On the global level, President Lula’s government prioritised multilateralism, the development of a more assertive trade policy and a diverse range of South-South partnerships with large semi-periphery countries (South Africa, China and India).
According to data from the Brazilian Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA), from 2005 to 2009 the Brazilian government invested R$3.2 billion (0.02% of the country’s GDP) in international cooperation projects for the development of humanitarian, scientific-technological, economic, educational and technical aid.

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