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Decentralized cooperation to localize the SDGs in Africa

UCLG Africa, UCLG, ALGA, Platforma, UNDP, UNDP, UN-Habitat, Global Taskforce

28 septembre 2022

This short article prepared on behalf of the UCLG Learning and UCLG Africa teams provides a short snapshot view of the nature of DC on the African continent. Based on interviews with key players, and drawing from online workshops with DC personnel and desktop material, this article presents an African perspective of the process of mobilizing DC to localize the SDGs on the continent. It contextualizes the municipal development challenges before presenting how DC can be seen as an important development lever. Three case studies are also included to give a sense of the type of DC projects that have been underway. Importantly, the article also begins to articulate key elements of the strategy underpinning how DC is to be rolled out moving ahead on the African continent.

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