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Eastern Africa Regional strategic meeting

UCLG Africa
European Commission
Regional Strategic Meeting 2018
April 2018

15 août 2018

The United Cities and Local Governments – Africa (UCLG - Africa) is the umbrella organization for African local governments. The organization maintains regular engagement with its membership with a view to strengthen Counties, Regional and local governments. UCLG –Africa convenes annual regional strategic meetings which provide a platform to engage the key representatives of the various institutions and collaboratively plan the implementation of relevant activities designed to support the achievement of strategic goals.
The regional strategic meeting has representation of the presidents/chairpersons of National Associations of Local Authorities (NALAs) ; the vice-presidents of the Network of Local Elected Women (REFELA) ; and the Permanent Secretaries of the NALAs. These leaders represent the key institutions for sub-national and local governance in the Country.

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