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The global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments for Post-2015 Development Agenda Towards Habitat III

16 juillet 2018

The Global Taskforce gathering the constituency of Local and Regional Governments welcomes the recognition of the role of local and sub-national governments in the Addis Ababa Action Agenda and the commitment of national governments to support the financing and capacities of local governments, particularly in developing countries (para 34). We acknowledge the reference to local authorities as one of the stakeholders of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development (para 10) and of the follow-up process (para 130).
This is significant progress considering the fact that the role of local and sub-national governments was not included in the two previous conferences (Monterrey, 2002 and Doha, 2008). It also builds on recent UN Consultations which recognize the importance of strengthening the capacity of local authorities and their associations, and the need for the localization of resources alongside the localization of the SDGs.
The lack of a specific track of consultation and engagement for local and regional governments indicates a failure to acknowledge an adequate role for this group, as referred to in para 42 of the Rio+20 outcome document. Our constituency would like, however, to commend the CSO and Business Forums for the space provided and their continued partnership.

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