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Accueil / Africités / Johannesburg 2015 / Frameworks for Understanding the African City

#AF7 Frameworks for Understanding the African City

African Center for Cities & SACN & Africa’s Urban Knowledge
Mr. Ntombini Marrengane


Africa will experience a profound set of urban and resource-based transitions in the foreseeable future, and the current development path has to undergo a shift to avoid a major urban ‘polycrisis’.
Shifting these transitions onto a sustainable and equitable path requires that a wide variety of actors work collectively to promote a common strategic vision of urban futures on the continent.

Therefore AURI Seeks to :

  • Promote the emergence of alternative paradigms for the future of African cities ;
  • Help develop methodologies to balance ‘pure’ and ‘applied’ urban work
  • Provide a platform for exchange of knowledge, engaging with external agencies, conducting collaborative /comparative research


Rapporteur : African Centre for Cities & Centre for Urbanism and Built Environment Studies

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