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From oil to cities Nigeria’s next transformation

Directions in Development
Countries and Regions

16 juillet 2018

This report serves the critical and timely purpose of focusing attention on the challenges and opportunities of urbanization in Nigeria.
The Overview summarizes key trends of Nigeria’s urbanization and sets out a framework to structure core urban challenges in view of underlying causes. Detailed analyses follow in the main report, which consists of four chapters.
Chapter 1 presents and analyzes the dynamics of Nigerian urbanization, with particular attention to three key issues : the country’s rapid urban population growth ; the very largescale urban expansion, notably on urban peripheries, accompanying population growth ; and the stubborn persistence of high urban poverty, inequality, and regional disparity.
Chapter 2 examines Nigeria’s recent urban economic growth, focusing on the nature of the concentration of economic activity across the country’s states and cities and on urban and regional economies’ limited generation of higher employment and better business climates.
Chapter 3 describes and assesses land management, urban planning, and housing provision procedures and systems, which face challenges in costs, affordability, capacity, equity, and efficiency.
Finally, chapter 4 looks at the financing of urban development, focusing on urban public goods and services provision, which requires substantial finance and institutional and systemic reform.

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