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Ghana : Accra urban profile

Regional and Technical Cooperation Division

14 juin 2021

The urban profiling is a rapid and action-oriented urban assessment of needs and capacity-building gaps at national and local levels. It is currently being implemented in over 20 countries in africa and the arab states. The urban profiling uses a structured approach where priority interventions are agreed upon through consultative processes.The urban profiling methodology consists of three phases : (1) a rapid participatory urban profiling at national and local levels, focusing on governance, informal settlements, gender and hIV/aIdS, environment, and proposed interventions ; (2) detailed priority proposals ; and (3) project implementation. The urban profiling in Ghana encompasses profiles of accra, Tamale, and ho, each published as a separate report. This report constitutes a general background, a synthesis of the four themes – governance, informal settlements, gender and hIV/aIdS, and environment – and priority project proposals.

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