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Grand Cape mount county

In 1822, Liberia was founded by the American Colonization Society as a result of freedom gained by the men and women of African decent in the USA. During this period, Cape Palmas was an independent territory and was given the name of Maryland in Africa. In 1847, Liberia declared her status to the world as a free, sovereign and independent nation, becoming the Republic of Liberia. The name is derived from the beautiful green mountains above and the beautiful green vegetation below on the Atlantic Ocean. The County Flag shows a mountain against a white field in a rectangular shape, indicating peace and purity, with the Liberian flag on the top left corner. Religious harmony and intermarriage among the various ethnic groups has woven a rich social fabric, which made this to be known as one of the most peaceful counties in Liberia until the Civil War.

28 mars 2023

Grand Cape Mount is a border County found in the Western Region, specifically the south-western corner of Liberia along the coastal belt. The climate of the County is humid and tropical with two distinct seasons : the wet season and the dry season. Thewet season begins in April and ends in October with an average rainfall of 400 cm and temperatures ranging from 28 degrees and 34 degrees Celsius, while humidity goes as high as 90 to 100 percent. Grand Cape Mount has a large natural lake called Lake Piso, which forms a confluence with the Atlantic Ocean with beautiful shores that attract tourists. The County is richly endowed with natural resources, mainly iron ore in Porkpa and Gola Konneh Districts, and diamonds and gold in Porkpa, Gola Konneh and Tewor District. The County’s coastal belt is rich with coastal mangrove, farmland, coastal savannah and secondary forest. Tewor, Porkpa and Gola Konneh Districts are mostly covered with semideciduous and rainforest. The last population census, carried out in 1984, projected the population of Cape Mount to be 75,358. In 2006, LISGIS projected a figure of 40,142 as the County’s population ; this was shortly after the country’s return to normalcy The five major ethnic groups in the County are the Vai, Gola, Mende, Mandingo and Kissi. Other minority ethnic groups include Bassa, Gbandi, Kpelleh, Grebo, Kru, Lorma, and Mano.

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