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Grand Gedeh county

Grand Gedeh is one of the few leeward counties created in the 1960s. It was established in 1964. Grand Gedeh was formerly known as the Eastern Province under the 1847 Constitution of Liberia. Its original capital was Tchien, now known as Zwedru. Today Grand Gedeh County is subdivided into 2 Statutory districts, eight Administrative districts, 16 Chiefdoms, 32 Clans, 3 Cities, and 236 Towns.The County is noted for its rich iron ore reserves and vast forest, which are depicted in the flag of the County. The County flag has four colors : blue, white, green and orange. The green represents the rich forest and highlands, while the white and blue depict peace and unity. The sun in the background painted orange represents the new era of development.

28 mars 2023

The vegetation of Grand Gedeh County is typical of the tropical rain forest, characterized by evergreen and semi-deciduous forest. Grand Gedeh is blessed with many natural resources, especially a large virgin forest that has not been touched for years by logging companies. The soil is rich and capable of producing any kind of food crops, and the streams and rivers are filled with various fish species. The County is also known to be rich in deposits of gold, iron ore and many others that have not been widely exploited. All of these give the County a large attraction for development. The human resources of the County are gradually improving, but much more must be done to develop skills and create jobs.The climate of Grand Gedeh County, like many parts of Liberia, is determined by the Country’s geographic position near the equator and Atlantic Ocean.

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