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Green Cities : Sustainable low-income housing in Brazil

Urban, Water and Disaster Risk Management Unit
Sustainable Development Department
Latin America and the Caribbean Region
The World Bank Group
May 2011

3 juin 2019

The objective of this Policy Note is thus to better illustrate the relationship between low-income housing and sustainable or ―green design, and to provide an overview of opportunities for improving the sustainability of the low-income housing sector in Brazil. There are increasingly known and available, cost-effective techniques that incorporate sustainability elements in the design, construction, and planning of housing, many of which are appropriate to Brazilian climates, which can be integrated into housing production supply chains.
This Policy Note presents recommendations aiming at supporting the Brazilian government in its efforts towards developing sustainable cities, and specifically efforts to provide high quality, energy-efficient housing with minimal environmental impacts. The Municipalities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, as well as Caixa Econômica Federal (CAIXA), have expressed interest in defining and better understanding the implications of developing ―green housing and ―green communities in the Brazilian urban context.

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