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Guidance Notes Services for the Urban Poor

A Practical Guide for Improving Water Supply and Sanitation Services
August 2009

15 août 2018

These Guidance Notes are aimed primarily at project planners, service providers, and community leaders but provide some suggestions for policymakers as well. They identify barriers to providing adequate services to the urban poor and propose practical solutions based on the experience of a number of relevant cases that have been reviewed for this purpose.
These Guidance Notes focus on practical actions many of which can be implemented, at least partially, within existing policy frameworks. Promoting policy reform per se is not the primary objective, though more appropriate policy frameworks would improve the enabling environment, and are essential for long-term sustainability of services for the poor and especially for addressing many of the financial barriers discussed in Section 6. For this reason, desirable policy initiatives are listed at the end of each section and a final section summarizes them.

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