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How can reforming African water utilities Tap local financial markets ?

Insights and Recommendations from a Practitioners’ Workshop in Pretoria, South Africa, July 2007 (Revised in 2009)

19 juillet 2019

Water utilities that rely entirely on public funding for capital investments often fall short in terms of resource mobilization and are unable to implement sustainable improvements in service delivery. New and innovative strategies, often involving financial markets, are one way to bridge this financing gap. A regional workshop held in Pretoria, South Africa, in August 2006 to assess the potential of Market Finance for Water Utilities in Africa focused on two particular challenges : mobilization of additional funding for development of the water sector ; and ensuring that investments bring about sustainable service delivery. Workshop discussions were augmented by the presentation of case studies of six utilities as well as a survey assessing the readiness of 14 utilities (including the six case study utilities) to tap into financial markets.
This paper presents the key lessons and recommendations that emerged from the workshop and the case studies, as well as from subsequent activities that include a Kenya country workshop and transaction support activities undertaken in Burkina Faso and Uganda.

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