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Implementing the SDGs during the first 1000 days

Fortunate Machingura, Briefing note on the Africa Regional Dialogue, Overseas Development Institute, July 2016

26 septembre 2017

This briefing note summaries the main outcomes and findings from an event held in Nairobi (April 2016), as part of the series ‘Starting Strong : the first 1000 days of the SDGs’. The aim of the event was to gather participants from across sub-Saharan Africa – representing government, civil society, academia and the private sector – to identify key actions toward addressing the unfinished business of the MDGs and how to reach those who are furthest behind in relation to the new SDGs. The series is a collaborative partnership to initiate a wider conversation around priority actions for the first three years of the SDGs – just over 1000 days – with relevant stakeholders with a regional focus.

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