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Inter-jurisdictional coordination metropolitan management and regional integration

Government of Ghana
Ministry of Local Development and rural Development
Ghana Urbanization Review - Phase II
June 2014

16 juillet 2018

The study combined review and application of best global practices for interjurisdictional coordination, detailed survey studies in five key cities in Ghana (including interviews with 102 heads of selected departments), review of legal and institutional framework and consultation with key regional and national stakeholders. This research was integrated in the analysis of global best practices identification of the current legal and policy framework to formulate recommendations for inter-jurisdictional coordination for improved service delivery.
The study was conducted in four key metropolitan local governments and one municipal local government. Data was also collected in two selected adjoining assemblies of each of the study areas in order to understand the relationship between the study area and its adjoining assemblies.
This study explores the history and current practice of inter-jurisdictional coordination, mechanisms, bottlenecks and options in Ghana and provides comparisons to global and African best practices. In addition, policy recommendations are provided to guide future inter-jurisdictional projects that have been identified in the study areas.

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