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International Experience in Bus Rapid Transit Implentation : Synthesis of lessons learned from Lagos, Johannesburg, jakarta, Delhi and Ahmedabad

Ajay Kumar
Samuel Zimmerman

23 juillet 2018

The study will help decision makers and practitioners understand the most difficult issues in the challenging environments of developing cities, issues that are rarely addressed in the literature.
The study should prove to be a useful tool for those contemplating new BRT systems because it will add to the body of knowledge that has up to now focused on the “hard ” engineering aspects of BRT. It is based on extensive literature review, interviews with appropriate stakeholders and primary data collection to document lessons of BRT experience in five case study cities—Jakarta (Indonesia), Lagos (Nigeria), Johannesburg (South Africa), and Delhi and Ahmedabad (India). Thus, the paper spans two continents, namely Asia and Africa. It has deliberately not used examples from Latin America as this is a region where BRT applications have been similar and have been implemented in similar environments. . Cities in other parts of the world have tended to replicate the Latin American model, but to varying degrees in different political, institutional and operational environments. The objective is to learn from this variation.

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