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Eswatini Local Government Association (ELGA)

Eswatini Local Government Association (ELGA)
P O Box 1790 Matsapha, Eswatini
Tel : +268 76055638

12 mai 2021

The Eswatini Local Government Association (ELGA) is a body corporate, representative of the urban local authorities in the country, established in 2012 with its leading objective being the representation, promotion and
protection of the interests of local governments in Eswatini.

Representing 13 urban local governments, ELGA’s other objectives are :
a) Enhance and promote the role and status of local authority (ies) to be more effective and efficient ;
b) Be recognized by central government to be the representative and consultative body in respect of all matters concerning local government and to make representations to central government in respect of any matter concerning local government ;
c) Encourage and Support equal opportunity and participation of everyone ;
d) Encourage the settlement of disputes/misunderstandings, whoever may be the instigator, condemn such affecting its members through cooperative governance ;
e) To build consensus from the diverse concerns of local authority (ies) ;
f) To establish sound relationship with Central Government, interest groups and international bodies, advocate and lobby thereon ;
g) To play a key role in facilitating and stabilizing the desired participative change in urban and peri-urban areas ;
h) To play a key role in the promotion of sustainable development through issues affecting mankind such as, but not limited to climate change, xenophobia ;
i) To promote participatory government of all stakeholders in local government ;
j) To promote training and educational programmes for Local Authorities and the public ;
k) Affiliate/Associate with and participate in the affairs of any national and international organisation, that will serve the interests of the members ; and l) Do such lawful things as may appear to be in the interest of the association and its members which are not inconsistent with the objectives or any matter specifically provided for in this constitution.

At the top of ELGA’s governance structure is the General Council which has the ultimate authority over the organization and its processes/operations, followed by General Assembly and Executive Committee below it (consecutively). Other structures below these are the Presidential Committee and the Technical Committee.

The association is primarily funded through membership fees and/or levies determined by the Executive Committee from time to time, payable annually before the 1st of July.

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