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Local Councils Association of Sierra Leone (LoCASL)

Local Councils Association of Sierra Leone
17 Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown
Tel : +232 7662 4733/7662 4734
Email : josephinepaul94 (@)
Lien :

12 mai 2021

LoCASL is a non-profit making organization that, through advocacy and lobbying, representation, and capacity building (human, logistics, etc.), seeks to promote the interests of Local Councils in Sierra Leone to improve their position within the overall institutional framework of the country by influencing central government decision making processes that affect them. Guided by a philosophy translated through good governance, inclusiveness, participation, accountability, and development as core values LoCASL’s primary objective is “to assist Local Government entities in achieving their mission, complying with principles of good governance and decentralization.”

Specific objectives of LoCASL as stated in its constitution include among others :

  1. To foster and strengthen unity and cooperation between and within all local councils in Sierra Leone without fair or favor ;
  2. To represent the collective views of all local councils at national and international levels ;
  3. To seek and promote the interests and welfare of her members ;
  4. To prevent and resolve conflicts between and among her members engaging with other state and non-state actors to achieve harmony where relevant.

Despite the enormous strides carried out by LoCASL to ensure local councils demands (welfare, capacity, etc.) are met by Government, it has been facing and continues to face huge setbacks in performing its strategic and core mandate including strengthening units and cooperation within local councils among others. One key reason associated with this setback is capacity (human, fiscal, logistics, etc.) on the part of LoCASL to effectively deliver on her mandate in addition to the inability and or unwillingness of its members (councils) to meet their financial obligations (membership dues) to LoCASL among others. Great the United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa) have been given a helping hand to help build the human capacities of LoCASL (UCLG Africa, 2016).

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