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Local finance initiative - Global report

Copyright : May 2017
Source : local2030

3 février 2020

Local Finance Initiative (LFI) was originally launched in Tanzania in 2012 as a threeyear pilot with the aim of testing the concept of promoting transformative local economic development by bringing to financial closure investment opportunities with a catalytic impact. Following the success of the pilot, the LFI Programme was subsequently replicated in Uganda and Benin in October and November 2015 respectively, and during 2016 activities were undertaken for possible expansion to Guinea, Bangladesh, Lesotho and Lao PDR.
The intended overall outcome of the LFI Programme is to increase the effectiveness of financial resources for local economic development through mobilization of primarily domestic private capital and financial markets in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) to enable and promote inclusive and sustainable local development. To this end, the Programme focuses on 1) improving capacities of public and private project developers to identify and develop small-to-medium sized investment projects essential for inclusive local development in target countries, and 2) increasing the ability and willingness of the domestic financial sector to provide financing for small-to-medium sized local development investment projects.

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