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Local Governance to tackle multidimensional poverty and inequality

Where change happens
arco, Oxfam
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source : local2030

3 février 2020

This paper is structured as follows. Following this introduction, the second chapter discusses the extent to which local governance issues are gaining attention within the development debate and within strategic and operational initiatives pursued by the main international organizations. The third chapter focuses on the importance of a consistent and coherent development perspective supported by a solid theoretical basis. This involves the integration of notions of capabilities and human rights within a perspective of Sustainable Human Development at the local level. The fourth chapter presents our theory of change, which connects local governance to the elimination of multidimensional forms of poverty and inequality, and draws inspiration from – and expands upon – Oxfam’s existing Theory of Change by emphasising interactions between active citizens and effective authorities within local societies. Here, relevant examples for different illustrative policy fields are also provided. Such a Theory of Change introduces substantial elements of complexity in terms of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), which are discussed in the fifth chapter of this paper and lead to the proposal for an expanded arena of M&E for local governance towards Sustainable Human Development. The final chapter concludes by summarizing the main arguments of the Position Paper and identifies future prospects for analysis and policy action.

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