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Lofa county

Lofa became a county by an act of the Legislature in 1964. Before this time the area was known as the Western Province, comprising of four Districts : Kolahun, Voinjama, Zorzor, and Swan Bopolu. Lofa County was for decades the largest county in Liberia, with eleven administrative districts and a population made up of at least eight of the sixteen major tribal groups in Liberia. The symbol of Lofa County is a flag comprised of three colours : green, light blue and brown. In the middle of the flag there is a hand holding a stick, which symbolizes unity. The blue represents the river commonly known as the Lofa River, after which the county was named. The green represents the vast forest of Lofa County.

28 mars 2023

Initially, before the declaration of Gbarpolu as a County, the total land area of Lofa County was 7600 square miles, or 19,683.90 square kilometres. From that time until now, the land area of Lofa County is not known.Before the war, Lofa was considered the “breadbasket” of Liberia as a result of its high level of food production, especially of rice, the national staple food. Lying in the north-western corner of the country, Lofa is bounded on the east and north by Guinea, west by Sierra Leone and on the south by Gbarpolu and Bong counties. The climate in Lofa County is tropical, hot and humid. Based on the prevailing precipitation, two seasons are differentiated. Vegetation in Lofa is composed of tropical rain forest including high forest, broken forest and low bush. All three kinds of soil produced by different conditions of climate and vegetation in Liberia are found in Lofa : clay loam, sandy clay loam, and loam.
While accurate statistics will only emerge from the 2008 Census, it is known that Lofa County is predominantly Christian with a sizeable Muslim minority, along with a few practitioners of other religions. The presence of these groups is felt in every part of the County.

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