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Maryland County

Maryland County is one of the first four counties of the Republic of Liberia. The Maryland State Colonization Society as a home land founded the territory on 12 February 1834 for free American Slaves. The territory was first established as the Colony of Maryland. It was incorporated into the “Republic of Liberia in 1857. Harper City is the political capital of the County and is also known as “Cape Palmas”. The flag of Maryland County has three major colors, green, blue and yellow, with a palm tree and lighthouse inscribed in the field. The green color and the palm tree denote the county’s abundant natural vegetation ; the yellow colour depicts the “sunshine”, the blue colour for the ‘valour’ of the County and the lighthouse as a guide for navigation.

3 avril 2023

The total land area of the County is approximately 5,351 sq km (2,090 sq mi), representing roughly 6% of Liberia’s total area. Two seasons rainy and dry exist in the area. With an abundance of good soils and ample, largely untapped natural resources, Maryland County is in a strong position for recovery given the proper targeted investments.The predominant ethnic group is Grebo, with Kru following closely. The population, primarily Grebo, is historically reliant on subsistence agriculture, fishing and rubber tapping for its livelihood.

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