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Mobilising private resources for development

Agendas, actors and instruments
Sarah Vaes & Huib Huyse
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March 2015

26 août 2020

This study maps and reflects on different approaches and instruments that official donors use to tap into or activate the for-profit private sector’s variety of resources for the pursuit of development goals.
It first provides an overview of the broader policy framework on Financing for Development and its different sub-agendas (chapter 2), as well as of the different types of instruments that can be used at the operational level (chapter 3). It then maps the current Belgian policy and practice regarding mobilising private resources for development (chapter 4), and it discusses how three other donors - United Kingdom, Switzerland and The Netherlands - have approached the issue (chapter 5).
The provided information and analysis is based on literature review, document analysis and semi-structured expert interviews conducted in the first half of 2015. Some of the components that this exploratory study touches on will be investigated more in-depth in follow-up research by other members of the BeFinD consortium. .

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