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National Association of Municipalities of Mozambique (ANAMM)

National Association of Municipalities of Mozambique (ANAMM)
Av. 24 de Julho - Nr. 2341
Maputo, Moçambique
+258 21 422341
+258 82 3016701
Email : info (@)
Web :

12 mai 2021

In 2004 was created the ANAMM as the representative of the whole municipalities. The general objectives of its creation include promoting cooperation and solidarity among local authorities, dignifying and representing local government, and advocating the interests and rights of its members before the government, development partners, and others. The corporate governance of the association is made by a complex structure, which includes the following bodies :

  1. The Congress ;
  2. The National Council ;
  3. The Supervisory Board ;
  4. The Management Board.

The Congress is the highest representative body with deliberative power. The National Council is the organ with deliberative power between sessions of the Congress. The Supervisory Board is the body with the mandate of supervising the activities of ANAMM. 
The Management Board is the executive body, which ensures the effective functioning of the association, which is supported also by an internal audit body.
The Secretary-General, who holds both the management and executive role, ensures the functions of the Management Board on a daily basis.
This executive board is currently composed of three sectors, namely
(i) Advocacy and Knowledge Management ;
(ii) Municipal Strengthening and Research ; and
(iii) Administration and Finance. Recently two new areas were approved, namely Technical Assistance, and People Management.

The statutes of ANAMM were recently approved. However, the association has not a legal existence. This seems to have been neglected by its memberships. However, despite this, the association is widely and strongly recognised as the sole representative and interlocutor of the municipalities in the dialogue with the government and other partners of development. ANNAM has a privileged relationship with the government of Mozambique and with the various Ministries overseeing different sectors with services and projects implemented within the boundaries of municipal territories.
As the key partner of the government, the association is a key vehicle of dialogue over local authorities’ common agenda of development.

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