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Preparing surveys for urban upgrading interventions

Prototype Survey Instrument and User Guide
Ana Goicoechea
March 2008

15 août 2018

Slum upgrading projects are designed to provide a package of basic services aimed at
improving the living conditions of residents in low-income communities. These typically
involve a range of infrastructure interventions that cover water, sanitation, waste collection, housing, access to roads, footpaths, storm drainage, lighting, public telephones, schools, health posts and community centers. In addition, they usually include social interventions such as better provision of health and education services, childcare, training, social protection programs, or regularization of areas with insecure tenure.
The purpose of the prototype survey instrument is to support project teams and researchers in designing and implementing surveys for analysis of slum conditions, and as the basis for carrying out rigorous impact evaluations (IE) of slum upgrading projects. This user guide describes the survey instrument and its attributes in section I and provides some practical guidance on incorporating IEs in slum upgrading projects in section II.

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