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Promoting constructive approaches to labour relations in the public service

International Labour Office
Examples from collective agreements
ISBN : 9789221303718 ; 9789221303725 (web pdf)

30 avril 2019

In the foregoing pages, we have seen how collective agreements can support the development of mature labour relations in a controversial arena like the public service. The texts that have been cited promote the establishment of frameworks for dialogue and collaboration to promote as much the welfare of public service workers as the quality of public services, while reducing the possibilities of labour strife. This can be
done through a variety of means that may help build trust by reducing uncertainty and perceptions of risk while increasing the amount of information available to the parties.
This supplement has purposely avoided discussions of concrete negotiated outcomes and concentrated on clauses of collective agreements that establish processes that contribute to build relationships. The parties are better positioned to decide on the outcomes of these processes, and our role has been to provide examples that could motivate a creative, interest- based search for solutions to the many challenges that
public services face. It is our hope that parties will see these pages as inspiration to strive for quality public services in a collaborative environment.

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