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Reclaming the glory of Carthage

Tunisia urbanization review
June 6, 2014

19 juillet 2018

The Phoenician princess Elissar is a role model for Tunisian women, inspiring them to be ambitious and to take on new vocations, just as she did many centuries ago. Across the bay from modern-day Tunis, Elissar founded the city of Carthage, which went on to become the wealthiest city of its time. Built on trade and commerce, Carthage exploited its abundant fresh water reserves and its central location in the Mediterranean to become the center of regional trade and the “ruler” of hundreds of Phoenician cities along the coast of Africa, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, and even Spain. Carthage now lies in ruins, but Tunisia’s cities still enjoy their advantageous location in the center of the Mediterranean. By harnessing the natural advantage of their cities, all Tunisians can reclaim the glory of Carthage, reestablishing a path to enhanced prosperity, through middle incomes and beyond.

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