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SDGs Learning Module 3 : Reporting to national and local reviews

Global Taskforce
European Commission
Diputació Barcelona
Juin 2019

The objective of Module 3 is to enhance the involvement of LRGAs in the preparation of national VNRs and to help them to make their own reports on the involvement of LRGs in the pursuit of localizing of the SDGs and global agendas, as well as to support local governments in the reporting exercise. These actions will serve as key inputs to support their involvement in the national and global process and contribute to the report that is to be presented to the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. The following Chapters look into the different elements that need to be taken into account by LRGAs for them to perform the reporting task appropriately.
Local governments and LRGAs will not be alone in the challenge of the reporting task. The lessons learned by their peers in other cities and countries should help to improve their reporting. Peer learning between LRGAs and virtual learning sessions will be prepared by the CIB and the UCLG learning team to make sure that no association is left behind. In addition, the UCLG research team will continuously observe and provide support for the LRGAs, ensuring that their results will be seen in VNRs and at the global scale.
This document includes contents (theory and examples) submitted by LRGAs and LGs via VNRs or VLRs which will be needed by the associations and local or regional government groups for the learning sessions. The annex to chapter 7 is planned to encourage further sharing of examples for better comprehension and to support the local communities from all over the world in their participation within the SDG agenda.

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