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Sudan : Issues in urban Development

Urban and Water Unit
Sustainable Development Department
Africa Region
November 2011

29 octobre 2022

This study responds to the need for information and analysis on the urban sector in Sudan, to inform the Bank’s policy dialogue with the Government of Sudan (GoS) on urban and local government issues, and to inform the design of future Bank assistance. Despite the growing demographic weight of urban areas in Sudan and the importance of local government as a platform for service delivery, there is fragmented knowledge of the urban sector in Sudan. In this context, the Bank initiated an exercise to begin to document the key issues in urban and local government development and to identify critical challenges and opportunities presented by Sudan’s rapid urbanization.

This work seeks to answer questions such as : What are the urban demographics trends ? What are the legal and institutional arrangements for local government ? How could local government be better supported to enhance service delivery and respond adequately to the challenges posed by urbanization ? What is the situation with regard to urban infrastructure, services and land ? And, how can urban areas better cope with poverty ?

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