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Territorial development and local knowledge systems

Engaging local farming knowledge through a right-based approach to agricultural development
Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations
Rome 2014
Source : local2030

3 février 2020

Over the last two decades, indigenous and traditional knowledge and local knowledge systems have received increasing public attention. Building on growing international support for rights based approaches to development, and with the recognition of people’s right to self-determine their own cultural values, local knowledge systems have also received legal recognition within politically and economically dominant legal systems. However, going from recognition to practical realization or support for such local knowledge systems still requires considerable efforts.

The purpose of this paper is to argue that agricultural development efforts should support the practical integration of different knowledge systems in various areas and sectors of agriculture to reach the sustainable development goals of a happier and healthier humanity and global environment.
Beginning with a discussion on some of some basic concepts around knowledge, land and territory, the paper will illustrate some of the different ways of thinking of knowledge system processes as they relate to agricultural stakeholder rights. The paper then aims to emphasize the need for innovative and inclusive participatory processes for engaging local knowledge users in order to diversify knowledge use and support sustainable natural resource management.

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