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Thirty years of World Bank shelter lending : what have we learned

Robert M. Buckley and Jerry Kalarickal
ISBN-10 : 0-8213-6577-0
ISBN-13 : 978-0-8213-6577-9
eISBN : 0-8213-6578-9
DOI : 10.1596/ 978-0-8213-6577-9

27 avril 2023

Over the past 34 years, World Bank lending to support improvement in nshelter conditions totaled more than $16 billion for 278 projects located in more than 90 countries. According to independent evaluations, these projects have performed well, with more than 83 percent achieving satisfactory outcomes. This study reviews the lessons learned from this vast experience against a backdrop of changing perspectives on shelter
policy and development lending. It is the third such review of the World Bank’s support for shelter lending, coming 13 years after the last review, Housing Policy : Enabling Markets to Work, and 26 years after the first review,Shelter.
Like those earlier studies, this review focuses on how the Bank can improve its delivery of such assistance in order to improve housing conditions in developing countries. Also similar to those earlier studies, this review reflects more general thinking about how the Bank can most effectively contribute to the overall development agenda.

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