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Tools to support transparency in local governance

Transparency International
Urban Governance Toolkit Series
March 2004
ISBN : 92-1-131694-4
source : local2030

3 février 2020

Tools to Support Transparency in Local Governance is the second in the series of Urban Governance Toolkits produced under UN-HABITAT’s Global Campaign on Urban Governance. These Toolkits are designed to assist in advocacy and capacity building for the application of the principles of good urban governance promoted by the Global Campaign. They are targeted at all stakeholders in the urban arena, including local governments, civil society, and the private sector.
This publication is a result of the combined efforts of a team of staff and consultants from UN-HABITAT and Transparency International. The draft text was prepared by Bridget Oballa, Michael Lippe and Szilard Fricska, with inputs from Mohamed Halfani, Raf Tuts, Shipra Narang and Paul Taylor. Bridget Oballa undertook research for development of the Toolkit. Shipra Narang was responsible for finalising and editing the content and for the production of the Toolkit in its present form.

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