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Towards the localization of the SDGs, 2020

Local and regional Governments’ Report to the 2020 HLPF
4th report
Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments
United Cities and Local Governments

In these trying times, with the world facing an unprecedented crisis, we need to put our resolve in creating a window of opportunity to bend the curve of the current unsustainable trajectory. Our world will never be the same. It is our shared responsibility to ensure a better future for the generations to come.
The current context has exacerbated our weaknesses. We can no longer ignore the persistence of inequalities, discrimination, and exclusion in our cities and territories. We must fight to eradicate poverty and transform our consumption and production patterns while protecting our common goods for the current and future generations. The fight
against the virus has largely become a fight against poverty and structural inequality.
The transformative framework of the universal development agendas remains essential for a more sustainable future. The pandemic is demonstrating that all development agendas need to be addressed as one and will need to be underpinned by emboldened local action, coled by local and regional governments and the communities they serve
and in close collaboration with national governments.

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