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Uganda Local Government Association (ULGA)

Uganda Local Government Association (ULGA)
Plot 136a Najjanankumbi Entebbe Road. PO Box 23120 Kampala- Uganda
Tel : +256 4143 47575
Fax : +256 4142 51949
Email : secretariat (@)
Lien :

12 mai 2021

ULGA CONSTITUTION (establishing an Association, amended 2016) The CONSTITUTION id the main document establishing an Association known as “UGANDA LOCAL GOVERNMENTS ASSOCIATION” (hereinafter to be referred to as “the Association”). Through the Constitution, the Association accomplishes its purposes through the following principal organs :
1. The General Meeting
2. The ethics and accountability committee
3. The Executive Committee and its selected and appointed Sub Committees
4. General Secretariat as the Headquarters of the Association

ULGA’s key strategic objectives are :
a) To discuss matters of mutual interest to the members of the association and to hold meetings from time to time where the members can exchange views and experiences and give mutual advice and consultations to each other.
b) To prepare and issue to the members of the Association and Stakeholders reports and memoranda dealing with matters affecting Local Government Councils in Uganda.
c) To formulate common policy where uniformity of aims and conditions appear to exist and, to implement any such common policy or to present the same to the Central Government or to such other authority as the Association may deem necessary.
d) To consider legislative, administrative and other policies and proposals of the Central government and other bodies relating to the structure, rights and duties, responsibilities, status, financial capacity or other matters affecting Local Government Councils and to make appropriate representation thereon to the bodies concerned.
e) To discuss the improvement of the quality of services rendered by the Local Government Councils to the people of Uganda.
f) Upon request to assist member Local Governments in the task of negotiating with foreign or local financers’ loans, donations or aid to finance their In the articles and section, of the Constitution, roles and responsibilities are elaborated.

ULGA Certificate of Incorporation
This is the official document which confirms that the Association was duly registered as per the laws of Uganda and operates legally. The certificate of incorporation is dated July 12th, 2006. The Association functions through the Secretariat and the executive Committee and its working Sub Committees. The Association has a corporate plan 2015/16 – 2019/20 adopted by the AGM, meetings take place, minutes produced and annual reports including management reports are produced.

The Association’s Resources
The national LAs association (ULGA) has key resources available to it which
includes ;
1. Funds - ULGA’s Sources of funding :
The sources of funds to the Association include the following :
a) Membership contributions and Annual Subscriptions ;
b) Grants from Development Partners ; and
c) Cost sharing (Logistics) during meetings.

2. Tools and equipment : The offices are equipped with basic tools like office furniture and equipment, a library and functional wi-fi internet, office vehicles.

3) Permanent address : has a permanent office building with good location (Entebbe Rd) with spacious offices.

4) Human resources : the Association has key staff to the tune of 50% of the 21 staff provided in the structure are present’

Relationship with Central Government
ULGA as an association enjoys good working relations with government since inception. ULGA has engaged government on number of occasions to get through LAs demands on ; laws, regulations, policy, as well as budget negations at the Local Government Finance Commission (LGFC). ULGA was key in negotiating to fruition the Local Government Sector. ULGA has presented a number of position papers to central government to adopt or to address some issues in district local government.

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