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Urban and municipal development fund 2021

African Development Bank Group
Improving the quality of life in African Cities
Annual Report

8 août 2022

The present report covers the first full year of UMDF operations, 2021, with the UMDF operationalized, the first projects under implementation, and a continuous pipeline under consideration from partner cities, countries, and departments of the Bank. In 2021 the COVID pandemic overshadowed regional recovery, with distinct regional disparities in African countries, compounded by country specific challenges affecting most of our UMDF (and Bank) partner countries. Amidst all these challenges, the Bank continued to deliver along a broad spectrum of projects, and as a result of the Bank ability to deliver, UMDF operations have picked up pace in the course of 2021.
The UMDF supported the development of the Bank’s Sustainable Urban Development Action Plan (SUDAP) and internal capacity building. Important processes and methodologies to guide the expansion process have been prepared, and the team is expanding. More and more cities across Africa show interest in, and demand from the UMDF, and new partnerships are being made continuously. The following report provides a detailed overview of the UMDF progress in 2021.

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