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Urban Authorities Association of Uganda (UAAU)

16 novembre 2021

This is a national organization created in 1959 ; UAAU is an Umbrella cover Organisation for all Urban Authorities in Uganda. It is union of all cities, municipalities and towns of Uganda. It advocates for equitable and sustainable urban development. The Union’s current strategic plan focuses on advocacy to solve the ubiquitous urban challenges of congestion, pollution, overpopulation and proliferation of informal settlements in Uganda and Africa’s capital cities, It has pushed for developing secondary cities and this has been achieved when cabinet recently approved the creation of 15 new secondary cities and 7 seven of them have started operating this FY 2021/2022.

Strategic objectives

  • To build a strong UAAU, uniting and representing the interests of its member urban authorities ;
  • To establish a forum for urban authorities to discuss and exchange views, knowledge and information on issues of common interest ;
  • To progressively contribute to a conducive policy, legal and regulatory framework for decentralization for the operation of local government business ;
  • To prepare and issue reports and memoranda dealing with matters affecting urban administration.

The mission is “to promote the development of strong self-sustaining democratic and accountable urban LGs capable of delivering public services efficiently and effectively”.
The goal (impact) is “to build democratic and accountable urban authorities capable of delivering efficient and sustainable public services”.
Through the Constitution, the Association accomplishes its purposes through the following principal organs :

  • The General Meeting ;
  • The Executive Committee and its selected Sub Committees ;
  • General Secretariat as the Headquarters of the Association ;
  • The General Assembly.

In the articles and section, of the Association’s Constitution, roles and responsibilities are elaborated.

UAAU Relationship with Central Government
The association enjoys good working relations with government since inception UAAU has engaged government on policy and budgetary issues on several occasions to get through urban authorities demands on taxation, urban management, taxi and parks issues, urban regulations, made policy recommendations, as well as budget negotiations at the Local Government Finance Commission (LGFC).
UAAU played a pivotal role in negotiating with central government to upgrade selected municipalities to secondary city status.
UAAU has presented a number of position papers to government to address its member’s concerns.

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