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Urban Challenges in a changing climate

Mayors’ Task Force On Climate Change, Disaster Risk & The Urban Poor

5 juin 2019

The impacts of climate change and natural disasters pose risks to cities due to the high concentration of people and economic assets, particularly in the hazard-prone locations of coastal and deltaic areas. Within cities, the impacts of climate change and disasters are distributed unevenly among different populations there are often high concentrations of poor households living in locations that are more exposed to hazards such as landslides, floods and tidal surges.
The adaptive capacity of households and communities, in the face of disasters and changes in climate, is also uneven. Low-income urban residents have less information and fewer safety nets, limiting their awareness and choices for responding to extreme weather events, and making them reluctant or unable to leave their homes and assets even when advised to do so. Yet, poor populations have also developed mechanisms and strategies to reduce their vulnerability in high-risk urban areas like Jakarta

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