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Urban Poverty in Ethiopia

A Multi-faceted and Spatial Perspective
Elisa Muzzini
January 2008

29 octobre 2022

The study is structured as follows : Section II analyses the spatial distribution of
urbanization and urban poverty ; Section III explores the within-urban spatial distribution of monetary and non-monetary deprivation ; Section IV delves into the linkages between monetary poverty and living conditions, documenting how the urban population, and in particular the urban poor, fare with respect to access to basic services and housing quality ; Section V contrasts the demographic profile of the urban and rural population, and highlights the distinguishing features of urban poor households ; Section VI explores the correlation between urban poverty and education outcomes across the urban spectrum ; Section VII discusses the effectiveness of income diversification and safety nets as urban livelihood strategies to cope with vulnerability ; Section VIII discusses the expenditure choice of the poor for selected basic services ; finally, Section IX summarizes the main findings of this study.

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