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Voluntary Local Review 2021 City of Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa
June 2021

This VLR focussed on eight CCT priority SDGs, identified through a series of SDG alignment assessments including of key strategies, sector plans, and City programmes and projects recognised as being designed with urban sustainability principles in mind. A SDG achievement assessment of the goals, targets and indicators was undertaken –with the assessment based on the ability to report as well as the trend in the data.

At the goal level, of the eight goals, as many as four show a positive trend - including SDG6, SDG 11, SDG 13, and SDG 17, where the City can report on the progress and where the trend is positive overall. The City took action in 2020-2021 on SDG 2 Zero Hunger though this has not been an area where the City was previously active.
However, COVID-19 impact necessitated a humanitarian response from the City, working in partnership with business and other non-state entities. This SDG was included as a priority as the almost immediate impacts of COVID-19 pushed it onto global, national and local relief agendas.
The two SDGs that relate to the economy SDG 8 and SDG 9 reflect a stable pattern.
It is important to note that all the data reported provides only a partial picture, as there are many indicators where the City is not able to report and where other data sources are not currently not know or not available to the City.

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