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Voluntary Local Review in Cape Verde

European Union
United Cities and Local Governments of Africa
Mai 2021

"Local and regional governments have played an important role in influencing the definition of the SDGs, successfully advocating in particular for SDG 11, "Making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable". The 2030 Agenda recognises the key role of local and regional governments in promoting sustainable development ".
Aware of the importance of the role of local and regional governments in locating the SDGs, the UCLG has been assisting local and regional government associations in the process of reporting on the implementation of the SDGs.
Cape Verde is expected to present to the UN High Level Political Forum, its second Voluntary National Report "VNR" on the implementation of the SDGs. This is the first time that Cape Verde Municipalities, through their National Association, with the technical and financial assistance of UCLG are participating in the elaboration of the RVN-2021, individualizing the contribution of Municipalities in the implementation of the SDGs.
The Government of Cape Verde, with the assistance of the UN-CV intends with the 2nd National Renewal Plan to involve the Municipalities in the process of preparation of the Report, participating through the ANMCV in the Working Groups created for this purpose.
At the national level, the objective pursued is, based on the 2018 NVR, "to present the quantitative advances, stagnation and setbacks, as well as the gaps and institutional challenges for the future of the Decade of Action".
However, the 2021 NSR is being drafted in the context of the Corona virus/COVID-19 pandemic crisis, which has already motivated profound changes in the priorities previously set, having already held on 26 February 2021 a High Level Meeting for Sustainable Development between UN Units, Government of Cape Verde and Partners, which assessed the progress of the SDGs.

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